Me time? What’s that?

Tonight was eventful. At quarter to seven I took Shaniah to bed, she hadn’t had a nap so I was surprised she made it this long. I waited for her to drift away to dreamland then I took myself to the bathroom and ran the water. I had been dreaming of this bath since lunch and dinner had found themself on the floor. I popped into my room to grab a bath bomb then off I went I jumped into the bath gave a massive grin and sunk into the water with the bath bomb going off around my feet. A few minutes later the door opened, at first I thought it was a ghost and it shat me up! But nope it was my darling (I use that term lightly) daughter. I swear children have detectors in built in that go off whenever we decide to have a moment to ourselves. 

“Mummy would you like to play with my toys?” 

No thanks I’m quite fine as I am, would you like to head to bed? I didn’t say this out loud as I already knew the answer would be no or her new found phrase “fuck off” (courtesy of Uncle Ashley) 

Instead my whole entire bath was spent in the company of my 2 year old. Would it be acceptable if I go and try bathing myself again or do I have a glass of wine and admit defeat?



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