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Butterball bath bomb by lush

This morning my dauvhyer needed a bath after deciding to wear her breakfast rather than eat it.

As she’s a lover of all things Lush I decided that we would have a bath bomb with the bath! I let her choose which one to use and she went for the Butterball, we haven’t used this one before so we didn’t know what to expect.

It’s a lot smaller than most of the other bath bombs you can get from Lush and at Ā£2.75 it’s not exactly that much cheaper either. 

We placed it into the water and my word! For a little bomb it sure had a brilliant fizz! 

Once it started to dissolve little pieces of cocoa butter are released. Although there is definetly no mistaking the cocoa smell it’s certainly not over powering.

If you like bright colourful smelly bath bombs then this isn’t the one for you however, if you’re open minded then if definetly encourage you to give it a try. It leaves your skin as smooth as a babies bottom! 

One thing I will say is it leaves your bath very greasy and slippery so be careful when you get out. I also had to rinse my bath after too!

Overall, this bath bomb is a lifesaver for anyone suffering from eczema or dry skin and I highly recommend you try it! 


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