Day 1 of the heart monitor!

Today I had to go to my local hospital to get a 72 hour heart monitor fitted. Last year I was diagnosed with a condition called Supraventricular tachycardia (svt). My heart very rarely drops below 100bpm so we always knew something was up but the doctors just didn’t want to know. It was only when I met Ryan and he was worried about how erratic my heart beat was that he demanded that something should be done, I very rarely notice it so I wasn’t as worried. 

At the beginning of last year we took a trip to France and I noticed it playing up more than ever but I put that down to heat as I’ve always struggled with hot weather. Once our trip was over it was time to board the plane as soon as we started to take off something wasn’t right it felt as though I was suffercating but as soon as take off was over and we were happily flying home I felt fine even landing I felt fine.

A few months of nothing passed and then all of a sudden I felt rubbish again. I took my inhaler (they think I have asthma too!) But it didn’t help my nan came in and said I looked awfully pale so I called Ryan and asked him if he could take me to a&e it was the first time that medical professions actually took notice. They called for an ambulance as they wanted me to be checked in a hospital that are able to deal with heart problems. 2 hours passed and the ambulance still didn’t arrive, by then I was just so tired I wanted to go home so they nurse gave me the documents they would have sent me with if the ambulance arrived and told me to book a doctors appointment for the following day.

So here I am today, on my third monitor trying to get answers. It’s a long, long journey but it’s a journey that needs to be taken.

I’ve had this one a couple of hours and my skin is already starting to get irritated by the stickers! Arghh!  


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