our day to day.

Mummy’s time for a rant.

Do you ever get those days where you feel so down? Those days where you cannot wait for your child to go to bed so you can cry it out? Today is one of those days. 

From the moment I woke up I knew it would be a bad day, I just had that feeling. 

We had to go get bits for Ryan’s lunch and Shaniah refused to get out of her pyjamas intact she did more than refuse she had a full on hissy fit. ARGHH! There was no way she was backing down so I gave in and off we went.

Upon arriving at the supermarket she then refused to get in the bloody trolley. We’ve had this before and I gave in and she was like a tornado ripping through the store and from that day I vowed to never ever let her walk around a supermarket! Nuh huh, she will be strapped in those trolleys where she will stay in one place. So in the trolley she went with baby Annabelle, we found our ages ago that she will sit nicely if she brings her baby so there we go. Shopping on a whole was shitty we forgot most the stuff we came for yet got a whole load of rubbish. 

We arrived back home yay!! We decided we were going to have roast lamb today as in all honesty what else should you have on a Sunday? Off I went to prepare the vegetables and season the lamb then I realised just what the time was and Shaniah being Shaniah hates eating after a certain time  (unless it’s junk food like crisps or a kinder egg) so I called Ryan in to help in hopes we’d get in cooking quicker. The response I got? “Oh I want to stay here babe I’m watching a film” Well thank you very much BABE. I’ll just tackle all this alone yeah? To make things worse Shaniah’s sickness bug that she had a few days ago has now been passed on to me so in between peeling carrots and ever ending potatoes I was dashing to the bathroom to chuck my guts up. What would men do without us women aye? He never once came out and there I was slaving away at the oven then dishing it up for his royal highness. What makes that better is he then starts to sweet talk me by complimenting it every 5 seconds. No mate piss off.

It was Shaniah’s bedtime now so off we went she refused to get into bed, great! Down I went after a short battle only to be followed 3 minutes later by the cheeky monster who escaped from her bed and who happened to escape a total of 6 more times. Why girl you never do this? I swear our children sense when we feel low. Eventually she went to sleep and off I went to wash up the mountain of stuff that had accumulated during dinner.

After I finished washing up it was then time to cook his lunch for tomorrow which also happened to include a bloody lemon drizzle cake arghh I just want to sit down! To my surprise he came in the kitchen…and sat down on a chair. Thanks honey, you just relax yeah?

It got to 9pm and I’ve finally managed to sit down! My emotions ran away with me and I burst into tears today has been so stressful and I cannot wait for bedtime! 


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