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Living Arrows – 15/52 2017!

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”- Kahlil Gabran.

This week we’ve decided to take part in Living Arrows for the first time! I’ve been reading other bloggers entries over the weeks but felt that this week we shall begin to share ours! So here goes!

Over the past week the weather has been picture perfect which meant that we could spend all day outside without having to wear our coats! Shaniah loves the great outdoors and I feel it’s the perfect learning environment for her.

So here are a few of our favourite moments from last week…



As the weather was beautiful we took a trip to Grandad Malcolm’s house to see both him and Uncle Ashley. Shaniah absolutely loves her Uncle! Ashley took her into the garden and showed her his chickens, There’s one chicken that Ashley has held since it was born which as a result has made her pretty tame so shaniah got her first chance to actually hold and stroke a chicken, she was madly excited at that thought but was a little weary of holding the fella which is understandable!


Sunday saw us surprise Shaniah with a trip to Weston-super-Mare. Shaniah absolutely loves the beach and likewise so do we, so we decided earlier in the week that we’d pop down with Ryan’s parent’s for the day. It meant we had to have an early start to our Sunday but the look on Shaniah’s face when she realised where we were was priceless! You cannot beat good old fish and chip’s by the sea can you?



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