family time · Trips/days out.

Our trip to Weston-super-Mare.

As the weather was absolutely beautiful last week we decided we’d take a trip to the beach. We organised it with Ryan’s parents so it was a family day, but kept it a surprise for Shaniah.
Sunday morning arrived and typically Shaniah decided she would have a lie in for the first time in forever! Why? We’d arranged with Ryan’s parents that we’d leave at 9am on the dot. It was now 8:30 and Shaniah was still sparko, usually we get an early morning wake up call to the sound of 7am! We managed to get up and out the door for 9.10am so that wasn’t too bad really. Did we forget anything? Ha! Of course we did!

The journey seemed to take forever, Shaniah wasn’t enjoying it but I think that was down to the fact she just wanted to get there.

We arrived at just gone 10am, I’ve never seen the beach so spacious! We spent an hour on the beach having building castles then Shaniah would knock them down! Shaniah also started making snow angels in the sand, what a wally!

Tummies started rumbling so we Ryan and I went to get some food for us all. As we were on the beach we went for the traditional fish and chips all bar Ryan as he had a chicken burger for free! (More on that later!)

As expected Shaniah didn’t want to eat much she’d rather build castles and knock them over than munch on a chip. That’s understandable right? I mean if I was that age I’d rather play.

A little later on we took her on the pier.

It’s the first time she’s been here so we thought we’d take her for her first go on the 2p machines, I used to love those in fact deep down I still do oops!

She has a better knack at it than I do pretty much every time she put a coin in she got triple out! The excited squeal she let out every time she heard it release coins was so sweet and she’d wriggle down and pick them up. We only gave her a pound worth of 2ps as we didn’t want to spend ages in there on such a hot day, what we didn’t think was how bloody good she would be or how generous the machine was going to be. Eventually the luck ran out so we decided we’d go and get an ice-cream. On the way down we couldn’t help but mess about, that’s how you make memories after all right?

Ice cream time! 

It was time to go home now we all had such a brilliant day, really made a change from the usual scenery. There’s something about being by a beach that just makes us all so happy and tired…




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