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Chad Valley Sand Bumper Set.

Hello! We are trying out something new on the reviewing side of the blog, today for the first time ever Shaniah will be reviewing one of her new toys! She has been me take pictures and review products that I have found on my travels and I guess she just wants to follow in my footsteps, so here goes.

The first toy we are going to review is Chad Valley’s bumper sand set, it’s basically a cheaper version of Moonsand or Kinetic sand. She has always been a fan of sand but the great British weather doesn’t always allow for us to play outside or take a trip to the beach and as she is only two I didn’t really want to spend a huge amount on the big named brands just so she could dry it out or tread it into the carpets. After surfing the internet I came across this one which boasted an IMPRESSIVE over 4.5/5 review rate!


For only Β£16.99 it comes with:

  • 10 Β fairly large packs of brightly coloured sand
  • 5 cutting tools
  • 24 moulds to play about with the sand meaning that more than one person can play with it at one time resulting in now fighting…WIN!
  • 1 huge tray to (try and) keep all the sand in one place… we can dream right?

It was a lot heavier than I expected but then again it did contain a lot of sand so can hardly complain.


The best thing we’ve noticed with this product is that your little ones can play around and throw it like children do but it’s very easy to remove from the carpet as it doesn’t stick to anything other than itself. The sand also doesn’t dry out meaning that you can accidentally (on purpose) forget about it and it’ll still be like new the next day!


The sand forms together like playdough but has the texture of sand, which means you can build pretty much anything. One thing Shaniah noticed which has now become some sort of magic trick is the fact that if you pick up one of your new creations the heat from your hand turns it back into sand and it kind of melts in your hand as you can probably imagine that causes loads of giggles in our house.


Not only do children love it, adults like to get stuck in too in fact sometimes get even more excited than the child it was bought for.

Now on to Shaniahs review:

Is this sand fun?

Yes, Ryan’s helping.

What do you like most about this product?

I can make teddy bears and cut them…ARGHHH (proceeds to chop the sandy bear)

Will you play with this product again?

Yes! It’s really, really, really fun!

How much do you love your new toy?

I like it only a little bit green is yucky I want pink (She wanted to use the green sand but then decided that that colour was in fact a poopy colour!)

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If you want to find out more about this product, click here to go to it’s page.

Disclaimer: This review is in no way sponsored by Chad Valley, all photos and opinions are my own.


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