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Winadinner.com – The FREE daily competition.

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There’s two main things that make us humans happy, number one is winning us humans love it! The majority of things we do in life we do to win, whether that be voting in the elections or entering competitions. The second thing is food. I and pretty much everyone I know love it, bring me a plate full of food and you’re a friend for life. Now, imagine those two combined – imagine winning free food! But wait not just any food, food from the likes of Pizza Express and Nando’s. Yep I hear you you’ve suddenly got a feeling of excitement like the time you found a lost £10 in your trouser pocket. Well it just gets better there is actually a website that gives you that opportunity it’s called Winadinner.com.

Winadinner is brought to us by the creators of Freepostcodelottery.com which a staggering 39% of UK postcodes are signed up to.

When winadinner launched an impressive 45,000 people signed up within a month and continues to grow day by day. In march winadinner also launched in USA too!

Winadinner is completely FREE so how does it work?

You click on the link and register with your Email address and you then choose a name that you’ll be known as on the site. Then for your profile picture you can upload a picture or get one generated for you if you prefer. that’s it! So there you go, It really is that simple.

A lot of people think with competitions it will never be them, but Winadinner have multiple winners a day you see, every day at 4pm a minimum of FOUR winners a day are chosen. To win you must visit the site to see as you will not be notified if your name is one of the daily winners. If your name is drawn but you haven’t claimed by 4pm then the prize rolls over and gets offered to another player which could see even more than 4 dinners up for grabs! However, if you’re lucky to be drawn and do log on then you will be prompted to claim your meal prize from the daily choice. A lot of people think with competitions it will never be them, but Winadinner have multiple winners a day
 Also once you’re logged in to the site there’s a lot of food related offers, some exclusive to Winadinner, that you can checkout if you weren’t lucky enough to have won. So really, even if you haven’t won you can’t really lose as there’s something to be seen and gained in the site.

Pretty great for free right?

If you fancy signing up then please click here.

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