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Life the Dairy Free way.

This week we had a breakthrough, for as long as I can remember Shaniah has very rarely had a solid poo (TMI?) We took her to the doctors quite regularly but they only ever put it down to a virus. We knew after a while that it certainly wasn’t just a virus but the medical professions seemed adamant that she is fine.

This week after 2 years of struggles we saw a new doctor at our GP who did all the general checks, pocked her tummy, checked her bottom and listened to her insides. she sat down with a smile and looked at us and asked us if she consumes a lot of dairy or gluten products. My mother and I looked at each other and a light bulb moment happened, Shaniah is a forever eating dairy products, she loves toast and butter in the mornings, she has a sandwich for lunch and like any child she will munch on chocolate and enjoy a nice yogurt for dinner so yes she does, but what we then realised is that when we go out for day trips where she doesn’t have her usual snacks and sandwiches she wont have a poorly belly and she will eat her dinner. When we are at home she won’t eat her dinner and she will get teary. The doctor then suggested from the things we had just said that we should try and cut out dairy for a week and see if that changes anything. Easy right?

We were blind to just how many products have dairy in them. It’s not just the obvious things like Milk, Cheese, yoghurts, chocolate and cheese flavoured things that we have to cut out it is also things like the majority of crisps, bread and a load of sweets too! It was clear we had a lot to learn.

On the way home we popped to our local shop to find some things that she could have we didn’t go overboard just in case its not dairy thats the problem so we got the things she eats most like a butter substitute, bread and yoghurts. We started her on these as soon as we got home and continued the following day.

The following day we were already noticing a major improvement of course it’s not magic and this was only day two but she was no longer having frequent bouts of diarrhoea and she was a lot more happier and had more colour to her face she even ate the majority of her dinner!

Today she had diarrhoea in the morning but it wasn’t as bad as it used to be, its far from perfect but you can see an improvement. As it’s clearly improving her health by being off dairy we took a trip to Morrisions to get some more things for her. What was a shock to us was the price difference between normal products and Free From products, te bread especially. Shaniah’s Free From bread is a tiny loaf for £3 yet we could buy a normal loaf double the size of the Free From for as little as 75p. How is that fair?

There is also very little choice for lactose free products even more so for toddlers the majority of substitute chocolate was replaced with nuts. Which a two year old cannot really have. We ended up only getting a hand full of items simply because there wasn’t that much to choose from, maybe its because we don’t live in a city? DSC01333

Arla had a wide range of products which was pleasantly surprising! All there products contain milk but they’ve been specially done to remove only the lactose so everything still tastes like it would normally which I think is incredible. Shaniah will happily gobble down the yoghurts because they taste just the same if not better as the ones she is used to.

We were also shocked to see dairy free ice cream too! They really are spoiling her. What they did seem to lack in was lunchbox items such as crisps and snacks.

The time it takes us to do our shopping has increased because we have to look at the packages to see if it contains any kind of dairy products but that’s not as bad as it sounds as we are learning just how many products actually contain not just dairy but loads of things, things that really aren’t that good for any of us. It certainly make you think.

It’s a learning curve but we will get there in the end.



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