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Living arrows – 15/05/2017

“You are the bows from which your child as living arrows are sent forth” Kahlil Gibran.

This week has been one I’d personally like to forget. I suffer from epilepsy and as a result I have never really been on my own when looking after Shaniah, but this week my mum went to Cyprus leaving me alone in the days when Ryan was at work. Get to Friday and we are all okay nothing bad happened but my panic attacks were going through the roof, I was crying down the phone to Ryan which made Shaniah panic too! But we did have some memorable moments.

This weeks Living Arrows have an outdoors theme. ย Whenever there is the slightest bit of sunshine or heat we jump into our shoes and soak it up…I guess living in England has that effect as sunny days are few and far between.


We went on our local river walk at the beginning of the week. Yep, Shaniah is wearing Anna’s outfit. I love living around here because everyone chats to everyone, LO is far from shy and she will try to speak to anyone she see’s which she did on this walk and they happily spoke back, her choice of clothing was the main conversation starter. In the field there were dandelion “clocks” which we all just had to mess around with for a while. Shaniah hadn’t really come across these before so we showed her what to do and she loved it, a few times she put the seeds a bit too close to her mouth which weirdly didn’t seem to faze her!

ย Our second photo is again an outdoorsy one and was taken a couple of day’s ago when we took Ryan’s parent’s dog’s (Old English Sheepdogs) for a walk. The long grass didn’t stop Shaniah from running through the field and bonus points for making it all the way through the field and back without getting poo on any of us! Wahoo!

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Check back Next Monday to see what we’ve been doing this week.


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