Living arrows

Living arrows 30/05/2017

“You’re the bows from which your child as living arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Gibran.

This weeks living arrows is a day late (sorry!) The bank holiday has muddled me right up! 

This week has been a pretty amazing week, we had so much to do and so many people to see, it was a week full of celebrations for sure!

This week saw ghe temperatures rise which brought out tue silliness in Shaniah which I’m not at all complaining about because at least she wasn’t grumpy! 

She was running around the house with my hat on shouting “I can’t see!” Then decided to pretend to fall over – mental!

Shaniah’s 3rd birthday is 2 weeks away (how on earth have I got a 3 year old?) So we took her to Toys’R’us for inspiration, I don’t know if I’m the only one but I still get extremely excited when I enter their mega stores I love it there! Shaniah fell in love with this tractor so we were adament that’s what we would get her. With the weather being how it is we decided to get it a little early so she got some use out of it! You know what british weather is like after all!

Keeping to the birthday theme, it was another special little girls birthday this week so sunday saw us celebrating her turning 2 at Magicland! That place is incredible and so is the food! And yes you guessed it Shaniah wore her Anna dress again… I can promise you she does have other dresses, they just never see the light of day!

Yesterday, Ryan was out fishing so we spent the day out with My mother, we took a trip to Asda where shaniah noticed one of the gnomes looked like her nan and she immideatly grew attatched to her as you can see she hasn’t parted with her since and she even took her to McDonald’s!

So that was this weeks living arrows, to see other peoples living arrows click on the link below!  


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