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Thursday Throwback

This week’s Thursday Throwback is going to be a bit different, as Shaniah is turning 3 next week we thought it would be fitting to throwback to Newborn Shaniah!

Isn’t it lovely how a new baby brings everyone together? People who you may not have seen for a while come over to celebrate this new beginning, strangers in the streets stop by to congratulate you and hold a conversation that may not have happened otherwise. It’s a lovely time for all.

18485552_682239568630358_2846036918475768224_n - Copy

When Shaniah was born she was 7 lb 2 oz of pure perfection. Due to my Epilepsy and the medication that I was on at the time, Shaniah was expected to be tiny and I had monthly scans to keep an eye on her, I think her end weight was pretty good though.

We had to stay in the hospital for 3 days as They found a heart murmur when they did her checks but that turned out to be nothing and they are quite common in newbies. The day we were due to leave they noticed she was looking a little yellow so they took her away for tests to see if she was safe enough to go home or whether she needed to stay in under a lamp. The tests came back fine and we were allowed home!

Gosh, I was so nervous, we put her in the car seat and she looked so tiny and vulnerable. the car seat made her look even smaller than she actually was!


We left on the 13th June which happened to be my younger brothers birthday, he couldn’t wait to see her so nobody told him we were coming and we surprised him after school. Through out the pregnancy he was looking forward to becoming an uncle and once she was here it was clear to see he was going to be a bloody good one.

I was very lucky in the fact that Shaniah was literally born with a sleep routine she was only a few weeks old when she started sleeping through the night… with her being so young I was worried about her feeds but the health visitor said she will be fine. You would have thought that I would have taken advantage of this and slept too but all I could do was stay awake and watch her. She was/is so perfect in every way.


Well that is this weeks Thursday Throwback!

Check back next week for more!


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