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Living arrows – 26/06/2017

"You're the bows from which your child as living arrows are sent forth" - Kahlil Gibran. Wow! What an incredible week it has been, this week we have been holidaying down in Newquay, Cornwall and the weather has been utterly magnificent. We stayed in a lodge with Ryan's parents and his brother and family Shaniah… Continue reading Living arrows – 26/06/2017

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Help! My child has learnt to swear!

Now I am forever trying to encourage my daughter to learn new words, we regularly sit down and I get her to repeat words - good words. The amount of times I have to repeat words like 'butterfly' only to be answered with 'flutterfly' or 'cuddles' when I ask her to say 'puddles' even Peppa Pig hasn't helped me out with that one! However if I am in  a different room and I quietly say a naughty word in she comes running and shouting her new found word, not only has she managed to hear it but it is the most perfectly clear pronunciation ever!

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5 thing’s I vowed to never do as a parent.

When I found out I was expecting I was adamant before I even dived into the parenting books that there were certain habits that I wouldn't pick up... nearly 3 years later I think it is safe to say we are actually doing them all! Damn this parenting is harder than books make out! 5.… Continue reading 5 thing’s I vowed to never do as a parent.

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The joys of planning a little ones 3rd birthday!

In little under a week Shaniah will be turning 3! Where has that gone? It seems like only yesterday I was wrapping her up warm ready to go home and start our lives together. Last year we were away for her birthday so we got away with not having to do a party as she… Continue reading The joys of planning a little ones 3rd birthday!

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10 Little things that make me happy!

Life can be pretty fast flowing and amongst the troubles and stress of daily life we often forget about the little things that make us happy, be that wearing your favourite perfume, having a wee without an audience or simply getting to the bottom of that washing pile. The wonderful Zoe over at Mummyandliss and… Continue reading 10 Little things that make me happy!